Water Softeners in Cypress, TX

Water softening is the removing of calcium and magnesium ions to help eliminate hard water build-up and other issues. These ions are replaced by sodium ions which solve the hard water problems because they do not have the adverse effect that calcium and magnesium ions have. Houston Water Products will help you determine your water issues and help you find the right water solution for you and your home. We are located in Houston, TX, call us today at 832-381-6208 for a free water analysis.
Issues Addressed with Water Softeners:
Objectionable taste and odor
Rust and mineral discoloration
Hard water build-up
Soap scale

Benefits Provided by Water Softeners:
Less soap needed for bathing and cleaning
Laundry that is cleaner and brighter
Longer lasting fixtures and pipes
Extended appliance life and improved performance
Pure water for cooking and drinking
Money-saved on bottled water

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